About Emily

Emily is a musician and songwriter from Ireland, based in London UK.


She has been performing from a young age, in choral ensembles and as a soloist in both classical and musical theatre productions. She studied classical piano from the age of seven and took formal singing lessons while completing her BMus. degree at University College Cork, Ireland, where she majored in vocal performance. She has also completed an MFA in Popular Music & Performance Writing.


Emily has been writing her own songs since she was a teenager, a direct progression from teaching herself on the piano, songs she enjoyed and wanted to play. Today she continues to write, record and perform her own material. Her music is an emotional outlet - moving, warm and reflective - serving her fiercely intense personal expression, and desire to connect with others.


Emily's five-track EP entitled “Nature’s Flow", has been described by Damien Hughes of Queep Organic Music as: “artistically beautiful, and highly original."