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There is no one quite like Iceland's Bjork. I am sharing three of my favourite songs from albums she released in the 90s, but there are so many more that deserve a listen, so if you haven't already do yourself a favour and explore her music - and if you have, well then, you know that Bjork is an artist who is always worth a revisit. First off, here is "Hyperballad", from Bjork's 1996 album Post. This video is directed by the wonderful French film director Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind, Mood Indigo), who directed eight of her music videos.

Next up are two of the most beautiful, emotive songs in existence - "Unravel" - followed by "All Is Full Of Love" from the 1997 album Homogenic. These songs and their videos are true artistry personified.


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