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  • Emily Coates

World Poetry Day

To celebrate World Poetry Day today, I give you the following poem. I hope you enjoy 🙂

Idea I do not like the ideaOf loving the idea of youIt is you, is it notThat I loveNot in love with ideas thereofOr you in my imaginationWho I will createWhat you will beIs pleasing to meIt cannot be this idea I seekFor you try meYou make me feel weakNo not the idea of youBut all that I saw and I knewAnd I feltYes look there is itNot in my mindA feeling, no notion to grindA knowing and comfortable, niceNot ideas that make me think twiceA feeling I worry I’ll loseIf I imagine ideas of youWhen I long for your presence to holdAnd I miss you and lie in the coldOf rejection and frightThen all I am left with in slightAre ideas that run through my mindTo keep what I feel in this bindTo feed me and keep you aliveIn absence ideas surviveAnd outlines of moments we knewBecome an idea of you

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