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I must not think

I must not think of you

I am addicted to thought

And it is to my detriment

To know the love I feel

Must satisfy my mind

I must not think

But allow my soul refined

To lead the way

To observe and learn

A careful watcher be

I must find the truth that lies

In sufficiency of me

The thought it will destroy

The beauty of our love

I will search for peace inside

And quiet calls from mourning doves who

Fly around their cage of thought

Of thinking all the time

The voices, dialogue incessant

But no discourse held there is mine

Their role to probe and analyse

To create a voluble despair

To feed the ego and its minions

Who present false answers there

To think it is infatuation

When love the subject true

To think betrays the earnest feeling

I hold deep inside for you.


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