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Irish Musician & Singer-Songwriter, London, UK
  • Emily Coates

Nature’s Flow EP

Nature’s Flow by Emily Coates is a collection of five songs each very different in tone,  brought together by Emily’s stunning vocals and distinct style of piano playing.  The title track is a contemplation on the principles of being in the now; following the flow of Nature in all things we would otherwise label and define according to our structured beliefs. To My Friend is an ode to friendship – reflections on its conception and subsequent demise. Easy and Try To Be Kind are timeless love songs, their story told with delicate emotion, set apart with a simple production of piano, vocals and a whisper of strings. Spoken is the most empowering song on the EP, calling on the necessity of faith, and for one’s voice to be expressed even during times of darkness and struggle.

It is evident that Emily Coates is not reined in by genre. She allows the emotion of a musical language to capture her attention and produce what it will within her. She weaves her inspirations with love, producing emotive, thought-provoking songs with which she aspires to capture her listeners’ attention and inspire change within.

Nature’s Flow is currently available on iTunes: http://tinyurl.com/dx6cpzm

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