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Irish Musician & Singer-Songwriter, London, UK
  • Emily Coates

Love and Laughter!

Last night I performed at Hemingways Lounge Bar in Wimbledon Village. (http://www.hemingwaysbar.co.uk).

My set included three songs I don’t usually perform publicly.  I wanted to step outside my comfort zone and see how they were received. One song in particularCathy’s Song is a real oldie and one I get so much enjoyment from performing! I wrote it when I was only nineteen, which is a long time ago now…

The song is about a friend of mine from my College days who was experiencing unrequited love with her male friend. While he had no idea she felt this way, he would visit her every day and share his feelings about his recent breakup. He still hoped he would get back together with his ex.

Unfortunately my friend had this young man high on a pedestal, and she was in terrible angst about the entire state of affairs 😉 so I wrote this song as a sort-of parody, with the intention of having her view the situation in a less-serious light. Sometimes we all need a change in perspective, and I have always found laughter to be THE best medicine!

I spoke with a patron of Hemingways afterwards who said he really liked the song; I was so pleased to have included it in the set! It’s always wonderful to know that I’ve struck a chord with another person, makes it all worth while….

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