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Irish Musician & Singer-Songwriter, London, UK
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Damien Rice – The Genuine Article

It’s great to see that Damien Rice is back with a new album My Favourite Faded Fantasy. I’m so very happy to hear some new music from this hugely talented Irishman.

Beautiful Lyrics from his song It Takes A Lot To Know A Man:

“It takes a lot to give, to ask for help To be yourself, to know and love what you live with It takes a lot to breathe, to touch, to feel The slow reveal of what another body needs”


“What are you so afraid to lose? What is it you’re thinking that will happen if you do?”

Check out this link below and have a listen to the song. I am so glad there is still room for music of this calibre in the world.


Here is his video for I Don’t Want To Change You – Love it!

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